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Стандарт SABBS, Раздел "Дисквалификация"




To gain comprehensive statistical and genetic data on all Boerboels, SABBS urges members to present all dogs for appraisal.  Dogs that do not meet the minimum score at an appraisal and dogs that have been disqualified (for whatever reason) shall not be registered, but shall be recorded in  the PET Register.  (Refer to 3.3.3).


The senior appraiser has the discretion to disqualify a dog without the appraisal process having been followed through, in which case the fees paid shall be reimbursed. He shall also notify the Office providing reasons for the disqualification.


A dog that is disqualified because of aggression, timidity or was not fully developed at the time of appraisal, may again be brought forward for appraisal, provided that it has improved and/or matured.


The Society retains the right to disqualify and/or remove a specific dog from the database of which documentation presented proves to be fraudulent and/or incorrect.


Any serious deviations and/or combinations of deviations from the Breed Standard that affect the dog’s health/performance/functionality and/or mobility negatively are considered unacceptable and can lead to disqualification and/or the placing of breeding restrictions, at the discretion of a senior appraiser in order to retain breed integrity.


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